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TBF Bolt

TBF Bolt is a non permanent fastener used in various industries. It carved with highly precise thread along its full length for proper and rigid engagement with the nuts of suitable size.

Industrial Bolt

Industrial Bolts are made from top quality mild steel and high carbon steel. These are available in variable strengths from low to high and can be used in different industrial applications such as automobile assembling, civil construction etc.

Industrial Nut
Industrial Nut is used in conjunction with industrial bolts of suitable size to mate mechanical parts. It is availed in different diametrical sizes, with threads carved on the inner hollow surface of the nut.
Wire Rod
Wire Rod is a rolled steel product which is produced by drawing hot metal through the shafts. It is available in circular, rectangular and other different cross sections. It is mainly used in manufacturing of wires.
MS Stud
MS Stud is a mechanical fastener made up of high quality mild steel. There is no head in studs and is is threaded on both side along its length. It provides more stability and accurate torque values.

MS Full Thread Bolt
MS Full Thread Bolt is a mechanical joining device to rigidly mate two or more parts. It has threads with accurate pitch on its complete length starting just after the head up to the other end.
Hex Nuts
Hex Nuts are female counterpart of mechanical fastener that are threaded internally. The pitch, dimension and other parameters are highly precise and accurate for easy engaging/disengaging and are made from best quality materials.
Hex Bolt
Hex Bolt is a fastener with a hexagonal head and threads of accurate dimensions along its length. They are used with nuts to join two or more components together rigidly without damaging the joined parts.

Fasteners are hardware components that helps to mate two mechanical parts to make a rigid mechanism. These are primarily used for those parts which cannot be joined by other methods and to reduce the complexity of mechanism.